Across the wide range of programs and services currently offered by the YWCA, we have already been using art as a supplementary, innovative and efficient tool to enrich our activities, as it is powerful vehicle allowing participants the opportunity for introspection and self-expression.

The implementation of the YWCA’s Plan for the Future in a new environment will allow us to supplement our services with art, a feel-good addition to psychosocial follow-up sessions and group counselling. These give participants the chance to express themselves through art in a supervised and safe process, to support their well-being, strengthen their resilience in the face of their issues, and help them communicate with their therapists.

  • A space will be designed specifically for artistic and therapeutic purposes, one conducive to artistic expression as well as self-expression, cultural dialogue, sharing, developing a sense of belonging, and creating connections to end social isolation.
  • The art therapy program will be headed by a bilingual, full-time, experienced therapist, there to support participants on their path to well-being. In addition, there are plans to supplement the program with music and drama therapy in order to expand the opportunities for self-expression.
  • A space will be set aside to highlight a variety of artwork by women artists, creations by emerging or well-established artists from varying backgrounds, exploring different mediums of artistic expression. The exhibited artwork will also be used within the context of activities offered to participants, to help generate insights and discussions that could be useful in their life journey.

This programming upgrade is possible thanks to the support of the Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard, which has been committed to helping our participants for the past five years.

“The Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard is happy to support the YWCA Montreal’s Art that feels good project. Art, regardless of its form, leaves nobody indifferent. It touches us, inspires us, teaches us things and makes us see life differently. And it helps us heal, to freely express ourselves, and brings us together. This is our wish for all the YWCA participants who will benefit from this new space dedicated to creative and therapeutic art, as well as for all Montrealers who will see the exhibits of artwork by women,” states Mrs. Sandra Chartrand, president of the Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard.