Isabelle Lajeunesse, Executive Director of the Women’s Y Foundation of Montreal, would like to introduce the new CEO of the YWCA Montreal, Nadine Raymond, who stepped into her position on May 17 of this year. An accomplished manager with more than 20 years of experience in operational management, strategic planning, communications and marketing, Nadine Raymond is also fully committed to social and feminist causes.

By way of introducing you to her, the Women’s Y Foundation team decided to meet with her to ask her a few questions. What better way to learn about more about her, what motivates her, and about her vision for the 2023 Plan for the Future.

Women’s Y Foundation: According to your LinkedIn profile, you studied industrial engineering and also marketing, and your experience includes working with private businesses as well as government and community organizations. What else can you tell us about yourself, outside of what is on your LinkedIn profile and your resume?

Nadine Raymond [ NR ] : I have an entrepreneurial spirit which came to be in the field of real estate, among others. I have long been passionate about buildings, both in architecture and history, in terms of their role as a social intervention tool, a source of financial empowerment. So I was extremely interested when I learned about the important role of the construction project in the 2023 Plan for the Future. I fully intend to make use of this experience in my new position.

[ F ] : Was there an “a-ha” moment or a particular event that drove you to contribute your strengths and talents to community projects?

[ NR ] : There was no one particular moment, just life. After working in the private sector for about 15 years and having 3 children in my life, I tried to optimize my time, like a lot of parents. Because time isn’t flexible, I wanted those hours I dedicated to my work, which was most of my day, to be spent more on those things I’m deeply passionate about: Improving the quality of life of individuals and communities. And so, from that point forward, I tried to work in organizations that were devoted to issues that aligned with my own mission.

[ F ]: Why did you accept the mandate proposed to you by YWCA Montreal?

[ NR ]: The 2023 Plan for the Future is very inspiring and stimulating. Being able to contribute to its implementation through my leadership is a unique opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The other reason I accepted the mandate is because it’s the YWCA. This is an institution that has contributed and will continue to contribute its help to women, girls and their families and support their self-actualization. Because beyond the Plan for the Future, the feminist within me is happy to lead an organization that both supports women in their journey and works to make our society more egalitarian and inclusive.

[ F ]: The YWCA Montreal’s Plan for the Future, unveiled on February 24, is ambitious. How will you approach this challenge?

[ NR ]: With enthusiasm and confidence. I might be repeating myself, but I find this plan very inspiring and stimulating. Its ambitious nature alone is a source of motivation. So yes, I’m definitely enthusiastic. I can’t wait to throw myself into the action. I’m confident that I’m in the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge, but above all, I’m confident because I believe in the strength and the quality of the team as well as of the partners associated with the project. Confident because I’m convinced that together, we will contribute towards making this plan a success.